by Jupiter Hollow

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Odyssey (Debut EP):
1. Deep In Space
2. Ascending
3. Hades Heart
4. Over 50 Years
5. Odyssey


released January 13, 2017

All music written and performed by Jupiter Hollow
Guitars, Bass, Synth by Grant MacKenzie
Vocals, Drums, Synth/Keys by Kenny Parry
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at Lake Effect Studio by Taylor Abram
Artwork by Brandon Pettitt



all rights reserved


Jupiter Hollow Barrie, Ontario

Jupiter Hollow is an ambient progressive rock/metal duo from Barrie Ontario, who started in the summer of 2015, and have already mastered the art of bringing their fans on an audio and visual experience. Jupiter Hollow’s sound is usually referred to as spacey, experimental and refreshing, reminding listeners of bands like Pink Floyd, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Tesseract, The Contortionists and Rush. ... more

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Track Name: Deep In Space
Here in salt
We dry the vault
Remember my name
Caught in your frame
Here in salt
It's not your fault
Remember my name
Safe without your game
The past believes you drowned in holy water
When your God breaks down who is left in the glass?
Who would I be without you and "I'll shall burn"
I shall burn
Here in salt
We turn the cult
To spoil the mystery and tint the elderly views on life
We have no strife
So why are we fighting?
Isn't it a little strange?
Isn't it a little?
Isn't it just a little?
Hodie in Terra canunt angeli
Track Name: Ascending
Here we divide
No future in mind
Just our history, being history, being history
Your future self is watching you right now
Through your memories
I will become you, you will become me
Disconnected at the most
Still in touch amongst the the stars
Pieces in the sand
You are dust, on separate beeches, separate beaches
In peace amongst the stars
We're not very far
Track Name: Hades Heart
Piece by piece we sit in the sand
On separate beaches
Staring at the same star we fell in love beneath
Travelled once around in each other’s touch
Once alive on an honest trip
My psyche lies and kills your grip
Just give me gas and I'll light it up
I make my sticks telling time with you light at the dimmest point in the day
When they earth sits grey beneath the sky, so out of touch
Just give me gas and I'll stir this cup
Swim the ocean just to see you swirl
When those tears carve those canyons in your skin
The Earth gains colour again
The sun
The fun to be inside you
Just taste the freedom as our colours paint an angry black
Unpressured patience on a printing press of your face
Just give me gas and I'll make this turn
Climb a mountain just to watch you burn
My memories of you are gold
The blue, the black, the bold
I pray on a wishbone
Track Name: Over 50 Years
It's been too long
Since anyone’s tasted sweet sugar on that beach
With everyone facing death
Sinfully stricken poison pet
You say: "These are our people you prick”
These are our fucking people", I don't care.
I can't be associated with you
Bricked up minds, with antlers locked, and lungs controlled
Just give me gas
Creep in the eye dust
You smell of salt
I'm the cult in your mind
Peace on Earth, they will sing
Peace on Earth, you could bring
When you hold this knife
Against my skin
Who were we in the flesh, smoldering?
On our last day on Earth in the dark
With the sky turning black in the park
Peace on Earth
A hippy psycho dream
You wouldn’t save the world
For your favorite ice-cream, let's face it.
"Save the world"
"Pay the man"
Your ideal: Blood on our hands
Track Name: Odyssey
Me, alone with the sound of my memories.
Against the persistent oscillation of the motors.
Views, once I dreamt of, now haunt me as deep as the endless dusk that’s surrounding, reminding me,
like a mirror. Oh god, what have I done?
Brave metal separates the kiss the halves of skin once embraced
Bleeding, I lay here, I should’ve just called my bluff.
A tourniquet made of heart strings, hath stitched this gaping clue to who I am.
They tumble out, one by one…
Taking with them, tersely, my dignity, this aura…
This effervescent gloom
I’m out of fuel
This ever-changing moon
I’m out of fuel
I hope this planet’s safe for me…
I’m out of fuel
Brother hold me, brother, where are you? I killed you?
I killed you.
This scar could be talking, but I’ve sealed its lips.
A tear should drown this all…
My dreams, my fears, your tears, they all haunt me.
News in the wires, all their voices… I tried, I swear I tried to forget, when I couldn’t save anyone…
Arrest me in this lake of blood
Someone can rescue me when I land… Place the organs back tomorrow…
I just need to sleep…